Music Essentials


Our inference on assessment of our Learners was that the comprehension of the concepts of music would greatly enhance their enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of music. This in turn would make the learning process much faster and in-depth. After much consideration we have decided to offer music theory lessons so that there is perpetual progress in their perception and appreciation of music.

These are group lesson online over Zoom for an hour. There would be time for instruction and interaction. However, it would primarily facilitate a time to apply and workout their understanding of the musical concepts which would greatly enhance their appreciation and playing an instrument or singing. Going forward this would also incorporate elements of music composition and understanding of different genres and eras in music. This would make each of our Learner’s an educated musician with an ability to understand, appreciate, collaborate, compose, and create a wide variety of music with easy and adeptness.

It would also be wonderful to meet Learners of different age, proficiency, instrument and geography and grow in friendship around music and its perception and appreciation.

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