Honestly i had a guitar since last 10 years but never I was able to play it the way I am playing it now. He is a great guitarist and a teacher who will help you to start from the basics and will push you to play better with each passing class. The individual classes are a great opportunity for improving your skills and he is very good at finding out ways to help you to correct your mistakes to make you play better
Sugandha Agnihotri
Researcher, JNU

Guitar training combines the best of Classical and plectrum guitar training. We start with the acoustic plecrum and then branch off into specializing into areas that are customized to the Student’s expectation which could be classical, electric or other genres. We emphasize that the student has a holistic development by learning sight reading as well as aural training (play by ear). If the student would like to appear for Trinity or ABRSM exams for certification, the training would be tailored to help with it as well. Overall we look at holistic development of every learner so that they are literate guitarist and can play at various avenues with ease and confidence.

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