Junior Music Explorers

The program is for kids to nurture their love for music and to learn in a community. The invitation is to freely understand, experience and express the basics of music and learn music in a more explorative and collective way. The kids would learn to make music with other kids and make friends with others around this common interest of music. The course is designed to give the children a holistic approach to music and develop them as a budding musician. The kids would be taught how to sing and play an instrument – the technics and mechanics of it in a format that can be understood by kids. They would also be introduced to musical literacy, ear training, singing in harmony and to sing from sheet music at a foundational level

May 16-26, 2023 @ MuzicEDU School

Duration:  4 weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) in a week.

Timing: 10:30 am to 12 noon


On completion, there will be a performance at the school where the kids will share through songs their music skills learnt during the course